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The Haida HD878 R/T is a rugged terrain, all season tire model manufactured for SUVs and light truck vehicles.

The tire’s 3D tread design and the unique wide tread pattern increase the tire’s soft, uneven and loose terrain traction. As a result, it is capable of handling driving in soft sand, mud or dirt roads with ease. This tread also enables the tire’s smoother on-road performing ability. It does not lose its traction, as the tread pattern with the wide grooves disperses mud (which can block the tread from its contact with the road) from between the tread elements. As the tire surface stays clean for a longer period of time, it does not lose its traction and performing capability, making the model’s use in such conditions safer.

The model’s special wide grooves 3D tread design increases its all weather traction. It grips the road well in dry, wet and winter weather. The self-cleaning nature of the tread keeps the tire clean from mud and snow stuck between the tread elements. This improves its off-road performing capability as it maintains constant road contact. The wide grooves also prevent hydroplaning by eliminating water and mud from below the tire footprint. This boosts the driving safety and enables the tire to perform to its highest capability.

The strong shoulder tread pattern and the exceptional traction enhance the tire’s handling. The shoulder tread design with the large tread blocks maintain constant road contact which upgrades the steering responsiveness and driving stability. The road contact stabilizes the tire against the external driving pressure affecting it, while the steering responsiveness is improved by allowing the tire to be more precise and quick. The better stability and steering make the tire easier to control and they ensure that the driver can confidently control the tire in all weather and road conditions.

The model’s deep tread grooves and special 3D tread design promotes a longer tread life. The deep tread grooves ensure that the tire’s tread lasts longer by offering more tread to being with. The 3D tread design prevents irregular wear patterns from forming on the tread by equally spreading the forces of accelerating, cornering and braking out across the tread area. The combination of these two aspects increase the tread life significantly, making the tire more cost efficient.

The HD878 R/T is damage resistant. The special anti-collision wall in the sidewall design makes the model resistant to collision and pressure damage and avoids punctures by strengthening the tire’s structure. The result is a longer lasting and safer tire model.