Gates ATV/UTV Drive Belts

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Gates new G-Force® belts are the first of a new generation of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belts. Building upon 100 years of manufacturing and materials success. G-Force® drive belts are designed with proprietary measuring technology assuring exact fit. Advanced aramid tensile cords surrounded by specially formulated adhesion gum to reduce edge cord pull-out and reinforced fibre loaded under cord are used in construction for performance and durability for. Double or single cog design construction matches the OEM belt design, maximizing heat control and flexibility. Extreme real-world testing has proven the G-Force® belt to be high performing and durable, with no clutching adjustments necessary at installation. Whether farming or extreme riding, G-Force® belts are engineered for demanding off-road conditions. Just drop in a G-Force® belt and be on your way.

New Belt Break-In Process

  • New CVT drive belts require a break-in period of at minimum 30 miles to maximize belt life and performance.
  • The goal of the break-in period is to properly wear-in the belt to match the sheaves before applying maximum engine torque.
  • By conservatively running through the entire shift range, proper belt contact over the entire sheave/belt contact path is optimized to eliminate belt slippage and drastically increase the belt’s lifespan.
  • Follow these guidelines to accomplish proper belt-break in:
  • Vary vehicle speed and engine RPM to shift belt through normal operational range.
  • Do not exceed 3/4 throttle within the first 30 miles of installation.
  • Stop engine and allow belt to cool down every 15 minutes of use.
  • During break in period, the following activities SHOULD BE AVOIDED:
  • Aggressive acceleration or ‘jerky’ throttle movements at low speeds
  • Holding engine/vehicle speed constant for extended time periods
  • Pulling heavy loads
  • Long run times without complete CVT/belt cool down
  • By following the break-in process carefully, the belt surface will wear-in to match the individual CVT sheaves tomaximize grip performance and dramatically reduce heat, glazing, and future wear.