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Imperial Ecosport 2 A/T is a modern solution for urban and off-road drivers, who are looking for: Good balance between durability and performance; Support for a dynamic driving style; Strong and reliable tyres for light terrain; Optimised fuel combustion during off-road/motorway drive.
Its aggressive tread pattern is perfect for dynamic driving. The system of connected peripheral channels cope very well with removing contamination. Mud and water do not accumulate in one area. Instead, they are well distributed throughout all grooves. This solution eliminates the negative effects of liquid accumulation and supports the self-cleaning of the system.
High and widely spaced tread blocks provide adequate space for absorbing bumps on uneven roads. The individual elements retain optimal flexibility, protecting the tyre against damage caused by accidental collisions with obstacles. Imperial Ecosport 2 A/T smoothly overcomes even more challenging routes without deformation, maintaining high stability.
The wide side bands help to maintain its sporty character without losing tyre stability. The slanted profile behaves perfectly on the road, supporting a dynamic driving style and maintaining the optimal track, even during sudden manoeuvres. The unique profile, combined with its perfectly matched rubber blend, reduces fuel combustion, even during intense off-road driving.

Stone ejector elements minimize rock retention and improve self-cleaning performance
Multiple sipe arrangement enhances traction on slippery surfaces
Rigid tread blocks and unique tread compound improves tyre wear and milage
Reinforced sidewall construction improves stability and lifespan