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To fit Givi hard luggage to your bike, you will need compatible Givi hardware. To mount a top box to your bike, you will need a rack or fitting kit – either the one your bike came with, or a bike-specific one from Givi. Racks are not universal and each bike is different. You will also need a plate to suit a Monokey style or a Monolock style box. These are sometimes supplied with the rack or box, so check when ordering if you are not sure.

Givi top box kits generally start with SR or SRA or end with FZ. A note on pricing:

  • The price for all FZ top box kits includes a basic Monokey or Monolock plate, depending on which type of top box you wish to use.
  • SRA top box kits all include an aluminium Monokey plate.
  • SR top box kits are all different depending on the bike - some include a plate but some do not and may require a plate to be purchased separately. Please enquire if you are not sure whether a plate is needed for your bike.
  • Please note, prices for out of stock items are subject to change.

Please refer to the My Motorcycle section of Givi's website in order to get the correct fitments or contact us for help with your bike. If your bike does not have a topbox rack listing on Givi's site, check the listings below, as we sometimes have out-of-production racks still in stock.