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Bulk Chain and Joining Links

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We carry many Regina chain types in bulk and can cut to length as desired. If the length you require is showing not in stock, or you need an unusual length for a special application, we will be happy to cut your chain for you.

Here you will also find all of the different joining link options for the different chain types. All pre-cut chains come with an appropriate style of joining link, but extra links, or alternative types can be purchased separately.
CON = Ordinary slip fit, clip link style joining link - Type 26
MAS = Press fit master link, clip style joining link - Type 42
RIV = Standard rivet link - Type 19
RIVHP = Hollow point rivet link - Type 44
HALF or HLF = Half link for classic bike applications

All bulk chain is priced per metre. All joining links are priced per link.

** Please specify the chain length required when ordering bulk chain - either the physical length in metres, or the number of links **
If you simply order a quantity of 1, you will get 1 metre of chain