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Givi GPS & Smartphone Holders

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Givi's Universal GPS-Smartphone holders are the perfect solution for mounting your Sat-Nav or smartphone on a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, quad etc. Thanks to the mounting system, designed and patented by GIVI, attaching and removing the device holder is extremely simple and fast, taking only a matter of seconds. Loosening the handle on the mounting support can adjust the position of the device holder to suit, at any time and without the need for any tools.

The shell has shock-absorbing inserts to protect the device being held. The holders are also supplied with a safety strap, sunshade, touch-sensitive front surface, a power supply port and a waterproof cover to be used in the event of heavy rain.

- Safety strap and raincover included
- Touch sensitive surface, transparent
- Sunshade
- Opening at the bottom to allow the device power supply.
- Zip closure with waterproof flap

The mounting system is compatible with a tubular bar with a diameter between 8mm and 35mm and has the ability to wrap around items that are not perfectly round. Can be used on handlebars with a diameter of 22mm or on stalks of a rearview mirror. To fit to non-tubular handlebars use Z278 - pair of short, diameter 22.2 mm adapters.

Note: GIVI S952B - S953B - S954B - Smartphone and GPS holder suitable for screens fo 3.5, 4.3, and 5 inches.  Specifically designed for horizontal screen viewing, they can be used with almost all devices available on the market. Check the individual product listings on Givi's website for a full list of compatible smartphones for each size.

A range of alternative mounts and bars are available and compatible with the S95_ series of phone holders. See here for more >>