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Givi S180 Screen Extension

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The Givi S180 Shield+ Screen Extension is a universal clip-on air deflector to mount to your existing windscreen or fairing blade. The aluminium clamp is simple, fast and safe with no drilling or modification required. It allows you to adjust both height and angle to your own preference, so you can create a perfect bubble of still air.

The Shield+ clamp is made entirely of billet aluminium and is manufactured one piece at a time on CNC machinery, then finally anodized. The high-quality raw material is common in aeronautical engineering for its excellent weight-performance and high resistance to corrosion. The screen is 4mm thick and is made of a polymeric material approved by TUV. Compared to glass this is more transparent and about half the weight.

- Fitting is simple and safe, and there is no need to modify or create any holes in the original windshield.
- It fits onto any form of windshield for motorcycles and scooters.
- The sleeves are made of a technical material that does not ruin the windshield and guarantees optimum grip even at high speed, making the Shield + a reliable solution for deflecting air flow.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to ensure that the original fairing/windscreen is rigid enough to use the Shield+