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The Whites Belt Tension Gauge can be used to adjust belt tension on most motorcycles equipped with a secondary drive belt, the gauge provides a simple way to confirm the belt for proper tension. Correctly tensioned and aligned belts prevent premature wear on the whole of the drive chain. Ideal for use after a belt replacement or wheel servicing, constructed with a 1" to 3.5" scale for quick and easy measurement.

Easy to use and read
The gauge allows for accurate belt tension to be set
Use after belt replacement/adjustment or wheel service
Use on secondary drive belts with 10 pounds specification
1" to 3.5" scale

Directions For Use:
1. Position the small O-ring over the 10 lb. mark.
2. Position the U-shaped belt cradle against the bottom of the belt at a 90-degree angle and locate the large O-ring to a reference point, record reading.
3. Push upward on the rubber bumper until the small O-ring touches the bottom of the tool body. Re-align the large O-ring to the reference point, the difference in the reading is the belt deflection (refer to service manual for specification).